Man Vs Wild with PM Modi: PM Narendra Modi to feature in Discovery’s wildlife show with Bear Grylls


For the first time ever Prime Minister Narendra Modi will feature in Discover Channel’s internationally acclaimed wildlife adventure show Man Vs Wild with Bear Grylls. The show’s host Bear Grylls tweeted its promo. The episode featuring PM Modi in Man Vs Wild with Bear Grylls will air on August 12 at 9 PM. The episode is said to be shot in Uttarakhand’s wildlife sanctuary Jim Corbett National Park. The promo begins with shots of Bear Grylls doing what he does best – crossing violent river streams in the Jungle and jumping from extreme heights. It then shows PM Modi arriving in his vehicle to meet Grylls in a jungle as the voiceover says, referring to Grylls, that the man who redefined the rules of survival unites with the leader of the world’s largest democracy.


Man Vs Wild with PM Modi: PM Narendra Modi to feature in Discovery’s wildlife show with Bear Grylls

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PM Modi to feature in Discovery Channel’s Man Vs Wild

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