A 19-year-old woman, who was recently arrested for sharing an offensive social media post targeting Muslims, has been granted bail by a local court here on the condition that she donate five copies of Quran to separate institutions in the city.

The court of Judicial Magistrate (First Class) Manish Kumar Singh, after granting the conditional bail on Monday, asked Richa Bharti to submit one copy of the holy book to the local Anjuman Committee in the presence of police authorities, and four more copies to different libraries in the city, her advocate Rampravesh Singh told PTI.

Donate Quran: court’s bail condition to woman arrested for offensive post

Richa Bharti gets bail over offensive Facebook post, court asks her to distribute copies of Quran

Distribute 5 Qurans, Court Tells Woman Arrested For Controversial Post


Youth arrested for communal post, gets bail on condition of distributing copies of Quran

Ranchi court grants bail to student for alleged communal post, asks her to distribute Quran

Richa Bharti, the 19-yr-old directed by Ranchi court to distribute Qurans after communal post, says she will appeal against order in HC

‘कुरान बांटने’ की शर्त पर बोलीं ऋचा- दूसरे समुदाय को कभी ऐसा क्यों नहीं कहा जाता?

जज के आदेश के बाद भी कुरान नहीं बांटेगी ऋचा, फैसले के खिलाफ जाएगी हाई कोर्ट Ranchi News

जज के कुरान बांटने वाले आदेश के ख‍िलाफ हाईकोर्ट जाऐंगी Richa Bharti

‘कोर्ट कहेगा तो बांट दूंगी कुरान, लेकिन लिखित आदेश तो मिले’



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